Visions of a Cryptic Mystery

The Literary Expressions of Eternity Philops, Creative Writer & Poet

Welcome to Eternity

 “Read to understand the world. Write to change it.”

 Can I Be Your Poet 3

All creators wish for their work to impact more than just their own little world. No matter the talent bearer – writer, artist, musician, songster, and so forth – to trap creative energy inside one’s Self with no outlet or audience is an act of spiritual neglect. Just as life itself is a gift of creative beauty, so are we to share  with our fellow spirits the creative beauty of our unique talents, whatever they may be. This inclination toward Self expression is no mere habit of ego; it is a spiritual need ingrained in our very souls. It is, perhaps, the greatest power we have.

So partake in the artistic literary energies inspired by a life lived in love and cultivated through the eyes of a spirit journeying toward her truth. The pen has proven to be the window to my soul, and that window has been opened to you.

Allow me, if you will, to be your poet.

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